Khorne Land Raider Crusader - Complete

Here is my completed Khorne Land Raider. In my last post I showed how I scratched out the loyalist insignias and added in a symbol of Khorne. In this post I will show you the finished results and talk a bit about how I painted it.

After I had a base coat down of 50/50 Mechrite Red/Blood Red I started picking out the details. I used Boltgun Metal for the big metal areas and trimmed the metal with Shining Gold.

For the deep scratches I filled them in with Chaos Black and then added a smaller stripe of Boltgun to make it looke like the model had been scratched down through the paint.

When I had all the details picked out I gave the model a heavy wash with Badab Black. AFter letting it sit for a few hours to dry I sealed it all with some Krylon Matte Sealer. I had really good luck with the Krylon Sealer and it is about half as much as Purity Seal.

All in all this was a really easy and fun conversion. I really like the way the Lascannons turned out but am not super happy with the way the mount to the vehicle. The post they sit on looks a bit weedy. Maybe I will come up with something better in the future.