GW's Mega Prize Give away

Quote From Warseer: 

It's been over a year since we launched the new site in the US. Since then we have been adding new versions for the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Eire, Denmark, Australia and Canada.

With one website, we can now add new content and features in five languages at the same time - you can already see the results with What's New Today, Astronomican and The Best of White Dwarf archive all launched in the last few weeks. And this is only the start...

Through the last year, we've had a lot of support and feedback from hobbyists around the world so we thought August would be a good time to have a bit of a celebration of the new, so we're having not one, but two prize draws for registered customers of

Hobby Centre Competition

A Battleforce or Battallion to be won in every Hobby Centre
At the end of August, we're going to be doing a prize draw for every Hobby Centre from all the registered customers who put that Hobby Centre down as "My Store". The winning customer for each Hobby Centre (now with over 360 worldwide), will be able to choose a Battleforce of Battalion of their choice on their next visit. Terms and Conditions apply.

Global Competition

We're also giving away three of the biggest prizes from Games Workshop ever in a global prize draw from all registered customers`;

1st prize: A trip for two to visit Games Workshop HQ, The Studio and Wahammer World, including flights, train fares and hotel accommodation.

2nd prize: Every new product that Games Workshop releases for the next twelve months

3rd prize: A 5,000 point (game legal) Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 army of your choice.

As with the other prize draw, Terms and Conditions apply.

How do you qualify for these prize draws? Simply register on If you're already registered, you're already in the prize draw. We'll close both prize draws at the end of August and notify the winners in September by email.