Deathguard Vindicator

For my and WildeyedJester's doubles Waaagh list we decided that we needed some thunder. We played around with the points and decided that I would take a Vindicator. I was happy with this since I had been wanting one anyway.

I set out to pick one up but all I could find was a Loyalist model. That was fine. I would just do a bit of conversion-fu on it.

The first thing I had to do was put it together. I hadn't put one of these models together yet and I was really excited about it. The whole time I was working on it I kept telling my wife what a cool model it was. I really liked the extra armor and the way the front gun mount piece all fit together. It went together a lot smoother than a Rhino.

Once it was all together I knew what had to be done. Since it was going to be a Deathguard Vindicator it was time to add some scratches.

A few minutes later and I was covered in plastic curly pieces from the dremel and the Vindicator was covered in scratches. I put some really deep scratches on the dozer blade and the sides of the model.

Since I wanted it to be used with Daemonic Possession if I wanted to I had to Nurgle this guy up. I accomplished this by adding a really big gouge on top of the model and filling it with slime. I also filled the exhaust fines with slime. Then I pried open a chunk of the reaer hatch and filled that with slime. Man I love slime. What doesn't it fix?

Once I had properly slimed and scratched the model it was time for some paint. I decided to paint this model up using the same scheme that I used on my Nurgle Soul Grinder. I was really pleased with the way it turned out on the Soul Grinder and I have to say that it turned out nice on this model as well.