Conversion - Chaos Obliterators

I just realized that I hadn't posted any pictures of these guys yet! What was I thinking!

These are some of the first things that I converted up whenever we got back into playing 40k. I decided that I wanted some Obliterators for my Chaos Space Marines but I do not like the current Obliterator models. They are all metal, a bit weedy, and cost crazy $$$. I decided that I would buy myself a box of Ogres and convert myself up a lot of em.

These guys were fun to make and weren't that bad. I dug around in the bitz box for whatever mechanical pieces I could find and then glued a big gun on each arm. The scoop bit came from a knock-off Transformer that I had laying around. I did a bit of green stuff work on connecting the metal to the flesh - just tool pricks to make it look kind of mottled, nothing to intense.

I was happy with the way these guys turned out but they really haven't done me right. Everyone always talks about how awesome Obliterators are but must not have Oblit-Mojo. I always miss. And if I don't miss I never manage penetrate vehicles. I have honestly had more luck in Hand to Hand with these guys than with shooting - and that isn't saying much.

Still, I love the models and will probably end up with another unit or two before too long.