Big Waaagh Wildeyedjester Game 1 Picture/Battle Synopsis

My first game at the Waaagh was against Cody, a member of the Blade and Bolter Boyz. He was a friendly and solid opponent, whose army centered around a land raider filled with Lysander and a gob of assault terminators. He also had a pair of Vidicators, a drop podding dread and several rhinos with marines. My initial response was to make a mental note that the dreadnought had to be destroyed, and the terminators could not be allowed to kill more than a single sacrificial squad of guardsmen.

I deployed in a tight ring to limit where the dreadnought could strike, hoping it would land next to my CCS with meltas. This was the only thing that went right for me, and they were able to destroy it in the 2nd round.

The Landraider drove right down the pipe, and despite my best efforts I couldnt do more than immobilize it right at the edge of my deployment zone. The termies/lysander destroyed the sacrificial guardsmen squad, and Chris also managed to destroy my executioner on the same turn, making my job of killing the termies a lot rougher.

Over the next two turns I threw everything I had at the unit, including melta shots, lascannon shots, Marbo's demo pack, lasgun fire and the kitchen sink. I killed a few, and even managed a panic check which was passed. In all Chris probably rolled 60 saves, many of which were at 3+ invuln, but the guy was on fire! What can ya do? On the last turn I did manage to kill lysander, but not before he killed my commander giving him the primary objective.

The last few turns I scrambled with what I had left to try to get more units in his deployment zone than he had in mine, but just didn't have enough left.

End result: Chris 15 - Jester 0

A rough start for the tournament! Lesson learned: I need more melta and I need to stage my tanks better against assault termies! I enjoyed the game though and after the doubles tourney am beginning to consider the blade n bolter boyz to be the Hogs of War arch nemeses! Chris was a nice guy and a pleasure to play against!