Traitor Guard Display Board Part 3

To begin with I have completed the painting work on the resin forgeworld skull piece. i wanted this in the center of the board to serve as a focal point, even when my army was removed from the board. I have painted in in the greens of my army and hopefully it will serve as a visual anchor from the board to my army:

On the board I have also used a variety of flocking materials to break up the uniform surface. My army covers almost all of the base entirely, but I wanted it to be more than just rock. I have flocked this in the same manner as I describe in my basing tutorials.

I also found a font online that I liked and I labeled the front of the board with "Cannibal Legion". I took black paint and stenciled it in and then built up a series of highlights to make the letters also match my army to further tie it to the display board.

Here is the display board in its current stage awaiting a thick coat of matte Sealer:

Stay tuned for a final shot of the display board with my army once everything is done! I will post final shots around the end of the month! Everything is right on schedule for being finished for the Big Waaagh!