Terrain - The Rubble Pile From Before Time!

Behold the oldest piece of terrain in our collection - a rubble pile from Armorcast.

Wildeyedjester will know more about this than I do as it is his. When I first started gaming with them they already had this piece of terrain as well as a few others and this thing was old even then. In the intervening years most of the other terrain has gone on to the great trash pile out west of the city but this one remains. My rough estimates on this thing put it somewhere between 10 and 15 years old. Jester - you got any better idea on when this thing found it's way to you?

I bought this piece of terrain at a Memphis gaming store (long out of business) when I was 16 years old - that makes this resin piece of terrain approximately 15 years old. It is an armorcast piece of terrain that I bought at the same time as a resin silo, and resin river sections. All of which are still in my scenery collection. The paint on it is also 15 years old
- wildeyedjester

So whats the oldest piece of terrain that any of you guys out there have floating around that still sees use on the table? Let us know in the comments!