Teh Uber Gaming Table

So owning and playing on your own gaming table is nice. Our tables are typically a piece of plywood or hardwood on some bracing. If we really go all out it is flocked and has legs. They usually run in the vicinity of around 40-100 dollars to fully construct. I think Big D and I have probably built 5 or 6 since we started gaming. Our tables all live their lives tucked away in garages, and never see the light of day unless there is a game underway.

This site specializes in tables made for gamers. The link below is for their 1500 dollar dining room table that looks like a dining room table, but converts into a gamers table. It has pull out desk/drawers for RPG players, and the top comes off to reveal a playing surface for wargames and the like. The beauty of it is, you can stop in mid game and put the lid back on leaving all your minis in place for picking up the game later!


Now this is the most awesome table I have ever seen, but I don't forsee my wife letting me own one of these anytime soon. However, I simply could not resist sharing this with you!

Here are some pictures from a thread about this table on warseer: