Product Review - Imex Chemical Plant

I got my hands on a set of this terrain a while back. I knew it was going to be awesome but never got around to putting it together. A while back I was watching WildeyedJester and Monkey play a game and decided to try my hand at putting it together.

At first it seems real daunting. There are TONS of little pieces in there. After putting a few pipe sections together I realized something - all the pieces are symmetrical. This allows you to cut out big sections of sprue and glue a handful of pipe sections and couplers together all at once. As soon as I figured out this little trick it was off to the races.

After putting together about half the kit I decided it was time to build something. I looked at the instructions that came with the kit and built a storage tank based off of their instructions. I didn't follow them to the letter as they are a bit hard to follow. I captured the spirit of piece at least.

I highly recommend picking up a set of this terrain. They have it over at for pretty cheap and it is so full of bits that you just can't pass it up. Especially if you are playing Chaos or Orks or do a lot of scratch building - this set will be on your 40k must have list after giving it a shot.