Luckiest Chaplain to have ever lived.

I had to share this story, because it made the game so memorable, and now it has to be one of my most favorite games I have played in a long time. So I was playing a game with my traitor guard against my brother, Crosseyedjester, who was running blood angels the other day. The scenario we rolled was 'apocalypse now' from last years Big Waaagh tournament. In short, the opponents HQ was his colonel kurtz and you had to kill him at all costs. That meant my brothers chaplain leading his Death Company was the target of my army, and I needed him dead. There was also an objective in the enemy deployment zone that each army had to try to take.

We rolled and I got to go first. I deployed with my executioner/russ battle tanks squadron in the middle of the board, to offer support guarding my base, and to be able to fire across the board toward the objective I needed to take. I assumed my brother would use the death company to try to take the weakly guarded (read single IG squad with lasguns and t-shirts) objective in my deployment zone. Next to the executioner, I deployed my unit of 2 hydras. The rest of the army doesnt matter for the story, so I will leave it out.

My brother deploys his army, and almost across from my base he deploys his rhino with death company, and chaplain. Next to it he places a razorback, with 5 marines and a melta inside. Next to this he places a rhino with 10 marines.

My first turn: The hydras open the death company rhino. The executioner/russ shoot the disembarked squad and do a total of 27 wounds to the 8 man squad. My brother allocates, so that the chaplain needs to save 3 plasma cannon wounds. He rolls 3 invulnerable saves... and makes them all! The death company with him are completely obliterated. On his turn the chaplain leaps inside the razorback next to him.

My turn two. The hydras open the razorback. The executioner/russ shoot the disembarked squad and deal 18 plasma cannon wounds to 6 models. The chaplain rolls 3 plasma cannon invulnerable saves .... and makes them all. The 2nd squad he has lead is vaporized to the man. On his turn the chaplain leaps inside the next rhino. (I can almost hear the marines inside this rhino screaming to lock the damn door and not let him in!)

My turn three. The hydras open the rhino. The executioner/russ deal 25 wounds to the disembarked squad. The chaplain has to make 2 invulnerable saves and he makes one of them. The rest of the squad disappears around him. The chaplain, realizing his number is just about up runs like hell toward a bunker piece of terrain and gets just inside the edge of it, giving him a 3+ invulnerable save.

My turn four. I'm now out of juicy targets, but that chaplain is tournament points, so I need his head. I fire my hydras at him and he makes all 9 saves! I fire the executioner and russ and end up hitting him with 4 plasma cannon bursts.... I only need him to fail one save b/c he only has two wounds and one of them is already gone. The first three dice hit the table and all turn up 4+, and the last die is rolling around the table.... finally it falls flat and its a 2. At last this chaplain has snuffed it.

The whole game just cracked me up. I can just hear the marines in chaplain school talking about this failure of a chaplain, who in one day lead three seperate squads and got them all killed to the man! I just hope like crazy they were able to save his rosarius to give to some one more deserving!