Guide To Basing Part 1:

I will be making use of a Valkyrie bases as I go through this tutorial on how I base objects. The base is a large, often overlooked, part of the model. It deserves some solid attention as well to help make your models pop on the table top. As a rule of thumb, the larger the model, the more
intricate your basing should be!

1) First I get my supplies ready. I want a nice tupperware container to catch basing materials so they dont end up wasted or in the floor.

2) Second, I want my container of sand, ballast and waste. In this container I have several types and sizes of sand mixed together, textured pieces of plasticard, some cork board pieces, some small rocks, and random pieces of sprue or bits that I throw in from time to time.

3) Third I cover the base with a fine layer of super glue or white glue. Since this is my vendetta base I chose superglue because I wanted a solid layer of sand to work from. I used the butt of the brush end to spread the glue around to all the nooks and crannys. With a vendetta base you must be careful to keep glue from getting on the clear acrylic or it will fog the plastic!

4) Next I pour the texture mixture onto the wet glue, making sure all the basing materials fall back into the tupperware. Completely Cover all the glue and let it sit for about 30 seconds to a minute.
5) Shake off the base, carefully knocking all the extra basing materials back into the tupperware. Now you can pour the left over basing materials back into your textur bin for reuse!

6) let the base dry completely! I recommmend over night. You now have a very nice non uniform surface to work with, but adding any paint before the glue dries will result in a ruined brush!

Stay tuned for part 2!