Conversion - Old School Daemon Prince

For my and WildeyedJester's doubles list for the Big Waaagh I needed another Daemon Prince. I started digging though our ancient bitz box and found just the thing - an old Daemon Prince.

It was a bit weedy and needed an arm, a hand, some wings, and a whip - but that wasn't going to get me down.

I dug and dug and finally found an arm that fit. Not sure if it is the original or not. I also found an old Bloodletter arm with sword and cut it's hand and sword off.

For the wings I found some metal wings in the bitz box. I think they might have been pegasus wings. Not really sure.

All I needed now was a whip. For that I used my trusty guitar string.

All he needs now is some paint and he will be good to go.