Conversion - Loyalist Land Raider Crusader to Khorne Land Raider Crusader

For my and WildeyedJester's doubles list for The Big Waaagh we decided that I needed a unit of Khorne Berzerkers loaded up in a Land Raider. This would give us some anti-tank and counter charge support.

There Berzerkers were no problem since I have about 30 of the little buggers sitting around. The Land Raider was another story. As much Chaos stuff as I have I just didn't have a Land Raider. We solved this problem in a hurry as Jester had one he had picked up for his Blood Angles that he didn't ever use. It had also suffered a little accident out in the garage when he was base coating some of his other models with an airbrush.

When I got the tank it was about 2/3 covered with a light dusting of bleached bone/dheneb stone. There were little dots of paint all over the model. It made it feel kind of rough. Well I wasn't daunted in the least big. The first order of business was pulling off all the awesome weapons I couldn't use. I had to use some pliers but I got the Hurricane Bolters and Assault Cannons off of the thing. There was also a crew member sticking up from the top that had to go.

Once I got all the weapons off of it that I couldn't use I took my dremel tool to the model and started defacing the loyalist scums iconography. That part was actually pretty fun. I have never taken a dremel tool to a basecoated model and done as much damage as I did to this guy.

I scratched through the big Aquila on the front and also through the Crux Terminatus icons on both sides. I then tried my best at 'Dremel Freehanding' to put a big scratched Icon of Khorne into the side of the beast.