40k Radio - Too Awesome

So I must confess, I have found a new love while painting. I have always found that the multitasking side of me was at odds with the time I spent focused on painting. I know some folks are able to watch TV or movies while they paint, but I have never been that person. When I am painting I am totally enthralled with the models in front of me, and I end up not paying any attention to the TV.

However, recently I found the podcasts option with I tunes and my I-Pod. After some messing about I stumbled onto 40k radio. Yes, I had certainly heard it before, but for whatever reason I had never taken the time to listen. I am now working backwards through back episodes and I have found the podcasts to be the perfect companion to my painting. They cover everything from tactica, to painting, to news to battle reports - its quite good!

If you haven't checked them out yet you can do it here!