Valkyrie/Vendetta Tournament Rules Clarifications:

A while back, I posted with rules problems concerning the new Valkyrie/Vendetta.  While not an official GW answer, I did get the following ruling from the tournament organizers from the Big Waaagh GT.  This is how the vehicle will be played in the 125 man tounrmanet:

1.  Can the Valkyrie contest objectives/claim them if loaded with troops, since it is so high off the ground?  If I put its base on the objective?
2. Can the Valkyrie still outflank with troops on board?
3. Can the Valkyrie embark/disembark troops as normal without having to deep strike (height problems b/c of base)?
1. Yes, treat the vehical as if it sits on the table for this purpose.
2. Yes, the vehical does not lose this special ablitity.
3. Yes, look at answer # 1