The project that wouldn't end

I swear, I will only ever have one defiler in my chaos army because this sucker took me forever! I paint slow enough on a good day. This model has so much surface area it is ridiculous. Never the less, I thought I would share some pics now that I have this bad boy finished. I might go back and add some swirling chaos-like colors to the blue areas to make it look more demonic, but for now I'm calling it good enough.

I'm not the best painter, but I do pride myself on conversions. Some of the extras I put on it with some bits from my box:

-Used the ccw as medusa tendrils (more freaky)
-Empire great cannon for the battle cannon (now all I need is someone to "lash" people into nice tight clusters) >:)
-Extended the weapons to look more like arms with weapons instead of weapons sprouting from the shoulders.
-Used original battle cannon as the TL heavy flamer (hot glue to look like it is dripping napalm and painted cotton for oily smoke)
-Added a couple IG autocannons to make the reaper AC look more scary.
-Chaos dwarf cannon gun shield for the front plate
-Lots of hobby chain super glued onto various places

Morale of the story: use your imagination and be creative with your models. Anything can be used to make it more interesting.