Khorne Soul Grinder

Here is the second Soul Grinder that I recently added to my Chaos Daemon force. The first one that I added was dedicated to Nurgle. Since I wanted the models to look quite a bit different I decided to dedicate this one to Khorne.

I didn't do any conversion work on this guy and just used the paint job to make him stand out from my Nurgle Soul Grinder.

I painted this guy up in the same way that I did my Bloodthirster - prime black, basecoat with a mix of Blood Red and Mechrite Red through an air brush, highlight gold and hit the metal with Boltgun Metal. Once all that was dry I sprayed this guy with a heavy wash of Devlan Mud and Badab Black.

I think that my Nurgle Soul Grinder turned out a bit sharper than this one. The contrast between the top and bottom of the model really help it stand out. On this guy since the main color carries from the top to bottom there isn't as much definition. I will eventually add a third Soul Grinder just for kicks so I will have to remember this and be sure to add different colors on him.