Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut - Bloodcrusher

Here is my first Bloodcrusher of Khorne. I used the Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut model for this guy.

This model was an adventure to put together. The body is one solid piece except for the rear leg. this part was easy to assemble. The head and rider are where things got tricky. The head and collar are two seperate pieces. The hand of the herald is holding a chain that hooks onto the collar, and there are no concrete places to put the legs on the model so nothing really lines up that easily.

After a few attempts at dryfitting everything I got it. There was another spindly piece of chain that was supposed to go on the bottom of the collar but forget that. There is now way I was going to be able to get that to stay.

I painted this guy up using my standart method - prime black, airbrush red, pick out gold and metil and any other details with flat color, and then airbrush with black wash.

This was one of those models that just didn't look good at all until it was done. I really was not conviced the paint job was going to turn out very well until I hit it with the wash. And then, just like that, it was a-ok in my book.