Finished - Nurgle Soul Grinder

A while back I showed you my converted Nurgle Soul Grinder. Well here he is all finished up.

I painted this guy in two parts - the top and the bottom. I still haven't glued him together yet because it fits together real snug. I figure having it in two pieces might make it easier to transport.

I primed the model black and then used my airbrush to put down a basecoat of Camo Green on the top and a mix of Dheneb Stone and Bleached Bone on the bottom. This process was pretty easy because I used some kebab skewers to hold the pieces. One fit right insde the upper body and there is a small square hole on the base where two pieces meet.

From there I started picking out details in flat colors - Boltgun and Tin Bitz for the metal and more Camo Green for some of the trim. I painted the bone, teeth, and claw points with bleached bone.

Once I had all my flat colors put down I gave this model a heavy wash with Devlan Mud out of my airgun. I had my wife help by holding the models on the skewer while I did it.