Building a Display Board

Big D and I have been thinking about army display boards which will also serve as our transports for our armies as we go from table to table.  I had a go at building one last year, but it wasn't quite what I had envisioned.  My traitor guard are a darker army and tend to disappear into any dark background.  The board I built last year was too large, and it overpowered my army.  I actually put in all the time to cut out circles for all the infantry in my GT army - and at the time it was over 100 foot soldiers..... what was I thinking?

This year, we are thinking about building a pair of display boards that match.  I don't want to build it too large this time, and it needs to be different since I have gone from an almost all infantry list to an almost all mechanized IG list.

This is our goal:
The post comes from here:

Big D and I will post pictures of how our bases come along.  If you have any ideas or recommendations, please share them!