Terrain - Pie Pan Crater

I had seen online mention of using a pie pan as an easy to make crater.  I decided to experiment. Here is what I did:

1.  I ate a chocolate pie my 88 year old grandmother made me.  This was the very best part of the whole project and should not be overlooked.  If you do not have an 88 year old grandmother who makes you pies when you visit then you should befriend an elderly lady and ask her to make you a pie.

2.  I smashed down the inside of the pie pan, after I washed it out very well.  I didnt spend too much time on this, but getting the shape right would be an important part if you wanted to go all out.

3.  I applied a small coat of spackle.  Looking at it now, I realize the entire thing should have been coated.  You can still see it is a metal pie plate, but enough spackle would have hidden this.

4. I sprinkled on rocks, sand, and a few odds and ends bits.

5.  I took a can of black and brown spray paint and took turns hitting them quickly, before adding a sealer.

This is the result - not so hot, but good enough results on my experiment to know how to make these in the future to a better quality. I just have to wait for the next pie to come my way.

It is a nice size - big enough that you can put a squad or vehicle inside the crater.  It also is a good height to represent cover for miniatures.

Things I would do differently:

1.  Add more spackle all over.
2.  Put it on a base and conceal the edges of the pie pan with spackle.
3.  Add more debris.