Scratch Built Titan - Complete!

Well here it is in all its putrescence glory - my completed titan!

After base coating the model Camo Green I grabbed up all my browns and greens and started dabbing on colors. I tried to hit big swatches of color at a time. I put down a bit of metal color around a few of the joints and then went back in with some rusty orange color to add a bit of decay to the exposed metal.

Once I was happy with the splotches I grabbed the air brush and a few cans of Devlan Mud. I put down a pretty heavy layer of wash on this model so it would dull all the bright browns and greens and tie everything together.

When the wash was dry I put on a thick layer of matte varnsih.

I am quite pleased with the way this model turned out. It ended up looking a lot better once I got the paint job on it. Up until that point I thought it looked kinda silly. Now it feels like a 'real' titan to me.