Ork Codex Rules - Attack Squig

Every so often I see people posting threads about the Ork attack squig. For some reason people are confused if the attack squig gives you an extra attack when armed with a power klaw.

I don't know why people get confused about this.

The entry says that it gives you +1 attack. I guess because of the way fifth handles power klaws/additional ccw they think the squig might not grant an extra power klaw attack.

I say it does based on this -

Some models have items that give them different attacks that are seperate from their equipment. Example - a Techmarine with a servo harness gets an extra attack but it is at a set initiave with a set strength value. If the attack squig was not supposed to give you a flat extra attack with no matter what weapon you are equiped with it would list it in the same way as the attack from a servo harness.

Case closed.