Noise Marine Conversion

When I started out my Warhammer 40k Chaos Space Marines I focused on Nurgle and Khrone marines. As I moved along I decided I would branch out and collect a unit of each of the Cult Marines.

The ones that I thought looked the neatest were the Noise Marines. Their sonic weaponry would be really stout on the field (I figured this out after playing Eldar with their all-assault weapons.) I bought a box of Noise Marines and couldn't wait to put them together.

Boy was I disappointed when I opened the box and found only one Sonic Blaster and one Blast Master.

I shelved these guys until I could come up with a good way to convert some Sonic Blasters for them. At the time GW didn't have a bitz pack for these available.

Just before they made the bitz pack available I came up with my idea - guitars.

I had a few dirge casters laying around from the Chaos Space Marine tank sprue. This would form the base of the guitar. For the neck I used some small plastic tube and for the head I used the exhaust dragon/daemon head also from the CSM tank sprue.

I had to cut the arm holding the neck/head of the guitar a bit to get it to fit on the model right but other than that there was no altering the base model.

Once these guys were all together it was time to paint. I painted the marine seperately from the Sonic Blaster so I could get behind it.

I primed these guys white (going against my better judgement) and the used the Baal Red wash to cover the entire model. I then picked out the trim on the armor with Tentacle Pink. You can't get this color from GW anymore but Valljo has Squid Pink that is spot on.

For the metal I used Chainmail. I picked out a few details here and there with some Scorpion Green.

For the time and cost these guys turned out pretty nice. So far they are the favorit thing of mine that I have painted. They just reall pop on the battlefield. I can't wait to get a Rhino - I am going to paint it up in the same way.