Death Guard Dreadnaught - Assault on Black Reach Conversion

Here is a Dreadnaught that I converted from the Assault on Black Reach Model.

I just love Dreadnaughts. They are pretty much my favorite model in all of 40k. My main army is Chaos Space Marines so that means I get to make all my Dreadnaughts just ooze with character.

When I started putting this guy together I already had a CSM Dreadnaught that I had assembled with it's close combat weapon and a converted twin linked auto cannon. I also had a loyalist Dreadnaught that I had put together with it's CCW and a Assault Cannon that I use as a Heavy Bolter or Autocannon. So I had a few parts left over.

I decided I wanted to make a shooty model so I grabbed the loyalist rocket launcher arm and my Chaos Plasma Cannon arm and slapped them on to the Black Reach Dread body. I was off to a good start.

I decided I wanted this to be a Death Guard dreadnaught so I grabbed my exacto knife and started doing a bit of cutting. I didn't want the sarcophagus on there because it had weak Imperial iconography supporting the false emperor on it. I ended up cutting out the entire middle section and slapping a set of flamer tanks in the hole and they put a fantasy zombie body in there as well. I melded it all together with a bit of guitar string and green stuff.

It was looking good but was still a little too crisp for pappa Nurgle so I grabbed my trusty dremel tool and went to town with a cutting disc and some sand paper. I just ruffed the plastic up anywhere I could fit the wheel or make contact with the sandpaper. It doesn't add much to the model until you are done with it. Then you can really see all the scratches and gouge marks. It is a very easy way to weather the model without spending a ton of time painting it to look weathered.

I slapped a pair of censers on the back that came off of a fantasy Plague Cart and then it was time to paint.

I painted this guy up in the same way I do my tanks. I used my air brush to lay down a coat of Deneb Stone over black primer. I then picked out the details with gold, Catahcan Green, and Scab Red. I used Bolt Gun for the metal with hints of gold for accent. I then washed the entire model with Badab Black.

And just like that I had a new dreadnaught. So far I have only used this guy in a few games but he has been fun to use so far. Sadly I just know it is only a matter of time before he goes crazy and wipes out a few of my units with it's massive firepower - but hey, thems the licks when you play Chaos.