Death Company Dreadnought AoBR conversion

This is my Death Company dreadnought. I absolutely love this guy. Getting 7 str 10 hits on a charge will destroy pretty much any unit its thrown at. It was assembled from the basis of the AoBR dread. I hollowed out the sarcophagus and added a chaos space marine daemon head to help it match the rest of my death company. I added the purity seals made from plasticard and greenstuff. The skulls are brass skulls out of the GW basing kit. The right arm was the trickiest part - I built the shoulder using green stuff by carefully comparing it to the left arm. I used random chaos bits, such as defiler parts to build up the right arm and I added the flamer parts as well. In all the conversion took just a few hours and was easy to do since the AoBR dread is plastic.