1500 Point Hobby Town Rogue Trader Tournament June 20th

Our local Hobby Town , in Bentonville, Arkansas, is hosting a 1500 point rogue trader tournament on June 20th. It is a 3 game affair that uses the GW tournament scenarios. This will be their 3rd tournament and they do a pretty good job for a staff that is just learning the ropes. The tournament is very relaxed, and there are alot of people just learning the game - which is great! More folks playing makes for a more fun gaming environment!

In the last tournament myself and Monkey were able to place 1 and 3, respectively amongst the 12 competitors. This time, Bid D and I are hoping to place 1 and 2 - and we are hoping for a lot more players to commit and play! Please bring the heat - especially against Big D and his daemon list! He loves to be abused.

Big D and I will make sure to bring our terrain, just in case more folks show up. As of today, the sign up sheet with 12 slots was full, but that shouldn't keep them from allowing more folks to play. Big D and I will try to bring a table as well!

We will post our lists immediately following the tournament and let you know how it goes!