Valkyrie/Vendetta Rules Queries

I cannot wait for my first valkyrie to come in. I think its just the kind of models that GW should be producing. However, I have seen the new codex and it does not address two rules that will become a bit of an issue for the model.

1. It can deep strike and scout. This means it can outflank. Does this mean it can outflank while carrying a number of troops, bestowing its scout ability upon them?

RAW - There is nothing to indicate that it cannot. If it is argued that it cannot outflank with troops, then drop pods cannot also carry troopers, since it would actually also be bestowing an ability on troops that normally themselves cannot deep strike

RAI - I think it is certainly meant to outflank with troops, the idea being that the skimmer comes in flying up at the edge of the battlefield, while its deepstrike option shows it trying to land directly in the battle.

2. The rulebook says skimmers must stay on their flight stands the whole time (unless destroyed). In white dwarf it shows the valkyries sometimes on the ground. Troops must be deployed within 2" of the embarkation points. The flight stand on the valkyrie is 6" tall. How do you deploy your troops or pick them up at this height?

RAW - The skimmer can't get low enough to the ground to deploy its troops, so they must always use the deepstrike option.

RAI - I am thinking that the designers meant for you to have to choose to either land the skimmer or keep it in the air. From the dwarf pictures all valkyries look like they are on the ground when they pick up troops/drop them off.

This model is already begging for faqs since it plays by unique rules not covered in the rulebook!