Traitor Guard Warhound Titan

Not to be outdone, I have been working on a card stock warhound titan of my own. The last time we played apocalypse the single enemy warhound titan destroyed alot of stuff and pretty much owned the game until a deep striking terminator with a vortex grenade could take it out. Seeing this as a very anticlimactic end to such an enemy, I have built this beast to offer more competition. We will have to let them duel very soon.

Building this thing was nothing short of a nightmare. (I used plans from the net. Message me or Big D if you would like them), about 12 pages of plasticard, 2 large containers of super glue, 7 hobby knife tips, all my patience for a year and enough cuss words to build a house. It was annoying at first, until I figured out how deep the scores needed to be on the plasticard to allow it to fold without breaking. The feet were the hardest and most time consuming part.