The Sould Drinkers Ominbus

Man. I just have to write a review of this book - The Soul Drinkers Omnibus (Warhammer 40,000 Novels). It is just crazy.

It starts off pretty slick. The Soul Drinkers are assaulting a space station to reclaim a long lost artifact. The action is good and it does a great job introducing the characters. Not to spoil anything but they end up getting betrayed and it sets off a whole series of events. They end up being pursued. They decide to just carry on and end up fighting Chaos on a plague planet.

Here is where it gets 'good.' I'm gonna ruin it for you, but the book is not worth reading to get to the ultimate part - The Space Marines (the galaxy's finest) fight a giant shark while riding on a wooden boat powered by a spaceship engine.

Yes. A giant shark. And it kicks their ass.

And just like that I have saved you from reading this book.

Giant. Shark.