Swappable Weapons - part 3

Last time I showed you the magnets you would need to make swappable weapon arms. Today I will show you the process of putting them into the actual minis.

The process is quite simple but there is one important thing to remember - magnet polarity.

The first thing you will need to do is drill a hole in the miniature body. I will be showing you the process on a finished model but you can do this at any point during the assembly of the model.

Get as close to the center of where the arm will go on as you can. Drill a shallow hole. Try not to go all the way into the chest cavity or the magnet might fall in.
Once you have the hole drilled - make sure it is deeper than the magnet - put a dab of glue on the hole and push the magnet into the hole. The whole process is quite simple but here is where the tricky part comes in - the polarity. Since the magnets will either attract or repulse each other depending on which way they are facing you will have to be careful to make sure you put the magnets in the same way on all the bodies and then the opposite way on all the arms.

To keep this simple I put a dark mark with a sharpie on one side of all of my models. As I work through a stack of magnets I pull one off the top and mark the one beneath it. This way I do not get confused.

Once you have put the magnet into the body repeat the process on the arm. Take care to make sure you get the magnet in the right way.

Next post I will show you the model with the magnetic arm attached.