Sculpting - Fleshy Skull

In my efforts to improve my sculpting skill I decided to try and sculpt another head. From what I have been reading online it is a good idea to consult an anatomy book when working on a model. Since my with is an Occupational Therapist she happened to have several such books laying around.

I went and dug through her old textbooks and found one that looked promising. Since I have sculpted a few heads already I decided to stick with it. I had rolled out a head foundation a bit earlier in the week I was ready to go.

I flipped to the head section of the text book and landed on the skeletal structure. I was immediately drawn to the jaw bone. I can model this I though to myself. I rolled out a thin strip of green stuff and went to work. This would prove to be the easiest part of this sculpt. With just a bit of work I was able to stick it to the head base and get the shape right.

Since I had an exposed jaw bone I decided I would try and make the whole head look like the skin had mostly rotted off of it. I figured this would be easier that trying to do some detail work and would be good practice.

I stuck a roundish flat piece to the top of the head and started working it down towards the jaw. I blended the pieces together and started shaping out the eye and nose sockets. Once that was done I started applying texture by sticking the tip of my modeling tip in and pulling it back. I would then smooth it out a bit without removing all the detail.

I am now waiting until I get a model put together so I can put the head on it and paint it up. I think this head is going to look pretty good when I get it finished.