A pair of Orcs painted by my wife

Not long after I started painting my wife started feeling neglected. Finally she decided that she would try her hand at painting something. I dug out an old harpy or chaos fury and she started painting it for practice.

Once she had the hang of things I found her the perfect model to start with - a Blood Bowl Orc. These guys are perfect for the new painter. They don't have any fur, hair, or tiny details. This was also a good opportunity for me to test out my replacement for GW primer as discussed in this post.

I primed up a pair of Orcs and she went to town. I helped her along the way be letting her know what colors went where (she didn't know that Orcs were green we have since remedied this by watching The Lord of the Rings.) I showed her how to do a wash and then highlight the raised areas and she took to it nicely.

After she finished the first Orc she liked it enough to paint the second. She is now working on an Orc bowman and is helping me basecoat my Chaos Space Marines.

Here are her first two Orcs -