Foam Core Building - Part 1

When I started working on my army I knew I was going to need some terrain to go along with it. I recently put together a section of pipe and a tank container. After these two pieces I felt confident that I could tackle something a bit tougher.

After looking around online at some Cities of Death terrain I decided to try my hand a building. I started drawing it out and though a three story building would be a good place to start.

The first thing I did was figure out how big the building should be and then cut the base out. I used the hard board that I picked up at Home Depot. I drew out the shape I wanted and cut it out with my jig saw.

After this I measured out a few pieces of foam core that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I cut out squares for what the entire wall would have looked like. Since I wanted a ruined building I then drew a jagged line down the middle and roughly cut it out with a box knife. I then made a window template out of a piece of plasticard and drew the shapes on the window with a sharpie. After this I used a ruler as a straight edge to cut out the windows.

Here is the finished wall section.

As you can see I labeled each side as well as which direction is up. This allows me to keep track of which side is which and also makes sure that everything lines up evenly since the walls are ruined.

Next post I will show you how the model looks standing up on the base.