The Fly - Finished Extinction Angel Space Marine Aspiring Champion - Squad Caro Beta - C1

This guy turned out really neat. As I was working on him I had my doubts because of the size of the head. I took the head off of the new Chaos Spawn sprue.

This the model that I am using for my Aspiring Champion in this unit. His entire close combat arm is magnetized so I can switch between power weapon and power fist. On his gun arm just the hand is magnetized. This allows just the weapon to be swapped out without requiring extra arms and shoulder pads.

I painted this guys head up with my Snot Green skin / Warlock Purple eyes scheme. I put more highlights on this models head than I did on my other models since he is supposed to stick out a bit.

I am done with this model but I will need to make a few more swappable weapons before I play - I am planning on arming this model with a combi-melta.