Finished - The Thing - Extinction Angels Squad Caro Beta - 05

I finally finished working on my 'The Thing' conversion. If you missed any of the previous posts here is a link to all of them.

This has been my favorite model that I have worked on since I started up again. The whole conversion experience on this has been remarkably smooth. When I first started working on it I got lucky when the chest piece snapped in half right down the tooth line and my luck has only continued.

I was uncertain how everything was going to fit together. I though that the arms might not mount up flush and things would look off but it ended up going pretty smoothly. The front chest pieces mounted up perfectly with the back even though the zombie torso was in the middle.

Once that was done I added the arms and shoulder pads. I didn't know for sure if the big pads would fit or not but it was all I had painted up at the moment so it would have to work. Luckily enough they did. Once I had them glued down I realized that I might have a problem with the backpack but sure enough - it fit right on like a glove.

Below are finished pictures. Be sure to let me know what you think of it!

Click for larger images