Building my sculpting skill

I have decided to try to become a better sculptor. I have read every article I could find out on the internet and feel that I have a good grasp of what skills are needed. From what I have read it really only takes two things to become a good sculptor - patience and practice - everything else takes second fiddle.

I will start attempting to sculpt one object a night, or at put a considerable amount of work into a piece. So far I have sculpted a head or two and a pair of feet. I am going to continue my practice by trying another head.

Heads are both easy and very challenging. The easy part is the size and shape - small and round. But since the head is such a focal point it also needs to be very detailed and that is where the challenging part comes in.

I will put up pictures of my heads after I am finished working on them for the night. Hopefully over time you will be able to see improvement - I am hoping so at least!