Terminator Conversion - Wormy Librarian - part 2

This post is about how I carved out the hole in the model for the new head. As you can see in the set of pictures from the previous post it was one solid chunk of pewter. I wasn't going to be able to take an Exacto knife to this and make much progress. It was time to call out the heavy artillery - the Dremel tool.

In the past I have had good luck with the flat topped drill bit that came with my Dremel tool with working with pewter so that is the one I chose for this task. As in the past, it performed marvelously. The hardest part to deal with was the heat buildup. I overcame this by dipping the model in water when it became too hot.

I hollowed out a suitable area for the new head and then polished it up as best I could.

Next I will unveil the head and we will see how it fits.